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Dragonica 3.03
Hi All,

So I/we decided to move the server to another location (Kansas).

Patch notes:
Black Dragon Elemental Weapons added to W-Coin
BSQ now is every 3 hours
Cash pouches update Small = 25, Medium = 50 and Large = 75
From now on every hour you will get 100 cash points, so that will be 2,400 for 24 hours afking lol

Being active event reward: FYI 1 account or 1 IP only
If you have spent a month being active, you will be rewarded with 50,000 cash

2nd month = 100,000 cash

3rd month = 200,000 cash + Elga Weapon of your choice

Event Friend referral - If you invite one of your friends to play the server, you and your friend will be eligible to get 150,000 cash (each).

1st - Your friend has to be level 80 to get the reward
2nd - Your friend has to be active for at least two weeks for you and him/her to get the reward
3rd - I can check your IP and your friends IP - Gotta be careful /ban hammer is active
4th - Your friend has to tell me who recruited him/her via Discord, Facebook or Forum
5th - Being dodgy or sketchy will have your account deleted + IP ban by me with no remorse.

Thanking you,

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