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Dragonica Patch 2.1.0
Dragonica Patch Note 2.1.0

Gold will now be permanent x50
F7 Dungeon Cash has been increased 10 pouches per 10 round = roughly 1,600 cash for 20 to 30 mins playing F7
Insurance Scroll added to Daisy 300g each
Black Diamond drop rate increased by 30%

Donation event too -

Thanking you,
You might experience right now that you dont get the listed cash amount when doing F7. This is because (I think so at least) the Admin has forgotten to push the Update to the public. In his testing everything was fine but then he forgot to give us the update Tongue. You only need some patience until the Admin will be back to get your desired Update. Due to the fact that the admin has went to sleep some hours ago, you will have to wait between 4 - 12 hrs.
Thank you for your patience!

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