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Starter Guide
Chaos Dragonica Starter Guide

In this Guide, I will explain everything you need to know to play on our Server.

Table of Contents :

  • Register
  • Download/Install
  • Cash/Stars
  • F7 + Cherry Village
  • Tips & Tricks

Register :

To register simply visit this site and follow the instructions.


You can either Download via Google Drive or Mediafire. Google Drive is the one with the Button that says MEGA!
I personally recommend you to use Google Drive.

After you`ve downloaded the File and you have no idea as to what a .rar or a .zip file is you probably need to download a specific program.
But first, you will need to know if you got a 32 or 64 bit based System, to do that simply click on this link.

For 32bit click here.
For 64bit click here.

If WinRar asks you to buy their license just ignore them. The Internet Police won`t come after you. Big Grin

After you`ve downloaded (and installed) WinRar, you can either right click the ChaosDragonica.rar file and select one of the WinRar options (like Extract Here or Extract files...). Or you can just double click the file and drag and drop the ChaosDragonica Folder anywhere you`d like.

To start the game, simply DoubleClick on the Launcher.exe application.

Ways to Get Cash:

1.Cash Pouches:

Cash Pouches are just regular Mob-Drops which will give you Cash when you use them in your Inventory.
Small ones give 25 Cash.
Medium ones give 50 Cash.
Large ones give 75 Cash.


Stars also are Regular Monster Drops, you can although do more things with these than with the Cash Pouches.
[Image: 4sNnWo7.jpg]
The Gacha Vending Machine is what you want here, just press space next to it and click on Item Exchange, the various Items and their prices are listed there.
[Image: gHRtP4W.png]
Here you can see its position on the Map.

As of patch 3.03, there are now new ways to get some cash!

The first way is to just ... play! Yes, you will automatically get 100 Cash for an hour of Playtime. Tongue

The second way is just the same, but you`ll have to play the game daily. For a month of actively playing on our private Server, you will be rewarded with 50kc. For the second month, we`ll raise it up to 100kc and for the third one, you will get 200kc with a free Black Dragon Lord Weapon of your choice!

The last new way to get Cash is to simply refer a Friend to the game. Both of you will then get 150kc if your referred friend fulfills all of these criteria:

1st  - Your friend has to be level 80 to get the reward.
2nd - Your friend has to be active for at least two weeks for you and him/her to get the reward.
3rd  - Your IP`s can and will be checked. Abuse will result in a Permanent IP Ban.
4th  - Your friend has to tell the Admin who recruited him/her via Discord, Facebook or Forum.
5th  - Being dodgy or sketchy will have your account deleted + IP ban by me with no remorse.

F7 + Cherry Village:

To unlock Rokko F7 :

These Quests are all found in Libra, you have however already started the first one since you created your Character. (If you made a Jumping Character, that is)

  1. Invaded!(1)
  2. Invaded!(2)
  3. Invaded!(3)
  4. Long Time Buddy
  5. News of old buddy :
  6. Answer 1: Mutant Research
  7. Answer 2: Creating Drake
  8. Answer 3: He was eaten up by his own knowledge
  9. Tactical Crisis
  10. Scientific Support
  11. Help of Friend 
  12. Belongings of old Buddy
  13. Making Power Source, to get the Materials: enter Mission Mode in Valid Raeth.
  14. I will call it, Guardian
  15. Prove it!
  16. Official Appointment
  17. 1 Certificate of Appointment.
You can Buy F7 Scrolls in the Cash Shop under Leveling in the Consumables Tab.

To enter the Cherry Village, just talk to this Girl in POTW : 
[Image: qK78ToY.jpg]
Press space, process through her Dialog, and then select "Go to the Cherry Blossom Home" from the different Options.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. When you start a new Character and Spawn in POTW, exit to the left and reenter, the Game doesn't register that you've been to POTW, it only registers it when you enter it.
  2. Right click the Dragon Lord`s blessing on the top right, cancel the Buff, buy a 5x Cash Pot in the Shop (yes the one for lv.80), drag the Potion into any Quickslot, use it via Quickslot. Now you can stack Jack`s Bean on top of it and Relog to get the Dragon Lord`s blessing back. This is the biggest EXP buff you can get (besides using Cookies on Top).
  3. Have Fun!  Tongue

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