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Chaos Dragonica OBT 05/10/2017
Chaos Dragonica - OBT Patch Notes
1. Cash Farming
We are making an easier way to farm cash for the player. In Chaos Dragonica, you can farm cash by four different ways:
+ Paris Dungeon: 30% 3 Small Cash Pouch, 30% 2 Small Cash Pouch, 40% 1 Small Cash Pouch - Each of them is 30 Cash
+ Bone Dragon: 50% 2 Small Cash Pouch, 50% 1 Small Cash Pouch
+ Orc Dungeon: Same as Paris
+ Killing Mobs: When you kill a mob, you have 15% chance to get 1 Silver Star. 200 Silver Stars = 30 Cash

2. Enchant Item
We have increased 5% rate of each enchant level, but after level 16, your item can be decreased 1 level when enchanting fail

3. Items
Many new items, many ways to upgrade your spec without donating

4. Dungeons:
Custom dungeons updated as soon as possible. Currently, we have: Leo Dungeon, Metro City, Ice Palace, Valentine Dungeon

5. Server Rating and Specs:
Rate: x5 Gold, x10 EXP, x5 Drop Rate
Server specs:
Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 3.4Ghz 8 Processors
200 GB SSD
Unlimited Traffic
1Gbps Bandwidth

6. OBT Event
+Jumping Event: You can create 8 Level 40, Job 2 characters each account
+Lord Dragon's Bless: All players will receive a bless from Lord Dragon - Elga. Increase 50% all of EXP gained, 10% Soulcraft Rate, 10% Enchant Rate
+Newbie Gift Code: contains 10 W-Coin, 1 Gold Coin, 1 X5 EXP Boost (1hr), 7 days Gold Premium Member
All players participate in OBT will have a chance to win a reward worth $200


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